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Developing Europe-wide cooperation

The European Credit Initiative has two goals. It wants to help to create and strengthen a new kind of economics. And it has a concrete proposal at European level to create legal possibilities for this. For this we need exchange and cooperation with as many people as possible, in as many countries as possible.

The European Credit Initiative was founded from the working context of the Internationales Kulturzentrum Achberg e.V. in Germany and the IG-EuroVision in Austria. The two founders and managing heads of the project are Gerhard Schuster and Daniel Schily.

Gerhard Schuster

Gerhard Schuster

Daniel Schily

Daniel Schily

Active work has started in Germany, Austria and Finland. In other countries, different strings have been tied, e.g. France, Luxembourg or the Czech Republic. We have already translated our information brochure into several languages. And with the 4×7-Action the parliaments of the member countries have been informed. The development of Europe-wide networking is to be further intensified.

Achberg Team

At the seat of the supporting organisation Internationales Kulturzentrum Achberg e.V., working meetings and workshops on the European Credit Initiative take place regularly.

Credit Initiative staff on site: Gerhard Meister
and co-workers of the cultural centre:
Loes Swart, Herbert Schliffka, Uwe Scheibelhut, Birgit Irmer

Vienna Team

Vienna is the seat of the second supporting organisation IG-EuroVision and at the same time the main location of the Europe-wide work.

Credit Initiative team members on site:

Ines Kanka, Tassilo Seidl-Zellbrugg,
Florian Wagner, Josef Zeisel

Gerhard Meister (centre) at a workshop on the European Credit Initiative


Vienna team with packages to the EU Member States – Action 4×7


Credit Initiative in Germany

The partnership between the European Credit Initiative and the OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy has resulted in an independent work with actions and activities in Germany.
Co-workers: Kurt Wilhelmi


Linked to this is also the ››› Ecological Money Cycle Initiative for the Research and Care of the Different Qualities of Money.

The Credit Initiative Germany at the climate strike on 20 September 2019 in Berlin


Credit Initiative in Finland

On the occasion of the Credit Initiative’s participation in the Lahti 2016 “Soul of Europe Conference”, the exchange and cooperation began, which then developed into a new national group for the European Credit Initiative for Finland in 2019.  

Johannes Kananen
Tuulikki Sarekoski

 In conversation with Finnish MEP Veronika Honkasalo (left)


As part of our “Action 4×7”, we informed members of the parliaments in the EU member states about the European Credit Initiative. In some countries we were able to hand over our packages personally.

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Contact persons:
Gerhard Schuster and Daniel Schily

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