For a new approach to money and the economy

Ecological and social!

In the face of the threatening ecological catastrophes and global social distortions, clear perspectives for change are needed.

One sphere where the causes of the crises are most deeply rooted is that of the economy and money.

The question is simply: Do we continue to invest only where there is a prospect of profit and growth? Or do we understand economics as the societal and actually very obvious task of meeting the needs of people and nature?

The European Credit Initiative offers a perspective on how we can organize and finance a cooperative economy beyond the profit motive. As a concrete first step, we are proposing an amendment to the statutes of the European Central Bank.

In order for companies to operate sustainably and in a future-proof manner, they need non-profit financing.

Support our Europe-wide development initiative in preparation for a European Citizens’ Initiative!

There is currently also a petition to the German Bundestag. It can be signed until 30 December 2020. You do NOT have to be a German citizen to sign. Click here to join!

News about the campaign

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