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We need a kew kind of economics

In view of the ecological and social crises, perspectives of change are needed.

Will we continue to invest in the economy only when there is a prospect of profit and economic growth? Or do we see the economy as the societal and actually self-evident task of fulfilling the needs of people and nature?

The European Credit Initiative wants to raise the question of how we can organise and finance a self-managed economic life beyond the profit motive.

A concrete proposal

As a concrete first step, we propose an addition to the Statute of the European Central Bank:

Businesses and banks, as well as associative groupings of these, should be able to access a source of free finance in the form of interest-free credit as long as they commit to:

  • permanently forgo profits,
  • dedicate any surpluses that may arise to the common good and
  • make the income of their co-workers subject to public law.

The further perspective is to put this proposal on the agenda in the democratic manner of a European Citizens’ Initiative. Until then, we want to discuss our proposals throughout Europe and get things moving!

We have designed an 8-page brochure to describe the project and to explain its ideas and origins.

The brochure is available in:

English | German | French | Spanish | Finnish | Czech | Russian

The Credit Initiative in Germany

Visit also the Credit Initiative in Germany with the project of a parliamentary petition.

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